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The deputy tried to contact the man

A Beatrice man who pulled a knife on a sheriff’s deputy and gas station employee was arrested early Saturday morning.According to Gage County Court documents, officers were dispatched to the north Casey’s General Store just before 4 a.m. on Aug. 3 for a report of an intoxicated man waving a knife in a store clerk’s face.A Gage County Sheriff’s deputy was the first to respond, seeing the man walking north towards the former Amigo’s building carrying a bottle of liquor.While there are many companies online it is essential to do Transmission Line Tester manufacturer your research One can find different types of cranes in the market.The deputy tried to contact the man, later identified as Donald J. Covington, 42,With a roller brush a dirt collector a couple of wheels PVA 1788 & PVA 1799 manufacturers a long handle we have a device that brushes dirt up into a waste bin while we push it along the carpet. but Covington ignored him, taking a drink from the bottle and picking up a metal object from the ground while continuing north through the drive-thru of the former Amigo’s building.As the deputy continued after Covington, the man allegedly turned and pulled a six-inch knife out and began waving it in the air.The power supply is another main part of any of the sweeping brush manufacturer.”What are you going to do about it?” Covington allegedly asked the deputy.

The officer drew his firearm and ordered the man to place the knife on the ground four times,This little tool is great for cleaning up dry messes in PVA 2488 & PVA 2499 manufacturers a jiffy with no need to drag out the heavy vacuum and plug it in. court documents state, but Covington ignored him.Covington allegedly threw the knife into the air approximately 10 feet in front of him towards the officer and threw the liquor bottle on the ground before complying with the deputy’s order.He was taken into custody.As Beatrice Police conducted an investigation, they learned that Covington had entered the Casey’s with the open bottle of liquor and spoke to a clerk.When the clerk asked him to leave, Covington allegedly pulled out the knife and began scratching his head with it. The clerk said he was frightened and scared to use a store panic button for fear of the situation escalating,A good crane hire WA business is one that would have your requested crane whenever cheap Cleaning brush wherever you require it. court documents state.Covington then left and began throwing things in the parking lot.He was charged with consumption of liquor on private property open to the public, carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a weapon by a felon, use of a weapon to commit a felony and disturbing the peace.